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Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre has been rehabilitating injured, sick and orphaned wildlife for their return to the wild since 1984. Wildlife Haven is a volunteer-driven, registered charity that has cared for over 50,000 animals who play a vital role in the ecological and biological processes that are essential to life itself. They rely on the generous support of volunteers and donors like you to rehabilitate wildlife and provide education about awareness, appreciation and peaceful coexistence with wildlife.

The Haven’s newly accredited wildlife veterinary hospital is the first of its kind in Manitoba. It is fully equipped with a full-time licensed veterinarian, diagnostic equipment, and an operating room to provide emergency care, procedures, and surgeries for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife from all over Manitoba.

Wildlife Haven

Wildlife Haven is a Space to Learn

Along with coming to the aid of animals in need, Wildlife Haven are avid educators that want to teach you about wildlife. Through virtual lessons, in-person workshops, live presentations, and their non-releasable Wildlife Ambassadors, you can have a fun and enjoyable educational experience! Each non-releasable Wildlife Ambassador has a story to tell about why they are not able to return to the wild and a lesson to teach about how we peacefully coexist with wildlife. From owls, hawks and falcons to reptiles and amphibians – their presentations give you a chance to meet them up close!

During the Great Outdoors Expo, not only will Wildlife Haven have a booth set up, but you can also catch them on our stage for their presentation! This is a great way to learn more about the Centre and, most importantly, learn about wildlife, the Wildlife Ambassadors, and have a nose-to-beak experience! More details about the presentation will be released when available, so make sure you lookout for updates!

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