Two Days on the Stage

We have a jam-packed lineup of stage presentations at the Great Outdoors Expo. Learn new ways to enjoy the outdoors from experts! We continue to add presenters – please check back here, or follow us on Facebook & Instagram, for an up-to-date list of presenters.

Times are subject to change.

Derek Kroeker – Manitoba’s Recreational Angling Strategy

Saturday 11:00am

Derek Kroeker

Manitoba’s Recreational Angling Strategy

Derek Kroeker is a fisheries manager with Manitoba’s Department of Natural Resources and Northern Development in the Fish and Wildlife Branch.  He received his technical training at Lethbridge College, and completed both his Bachelor and Masters Degrees at the University of Manitoba. Derek manages fisheries in the Eastern Region of Manitoba as well as collaborating with other Branch staff on Province-wide initiatives.

Rock N Roll Fisherman Todd Longley

Saturday 12:00pm

Todd Longley at the Great Outdoors Expo

Learn basics about catching catfish from one of Manitoba’s top pro anglers!

Todd Longley AKA “The Rock N Roll Fisherman is the Owner/Operator of City Cats Guiding Service fishing for channel cats and walleye on the world famous Red River since 1999.

Manitoba Lodges & Outfitters Association

Saturday 1:00pm

MLOA at the Great Outdoors Expo

The Nature Enhancement Fund (NEF) is a  program administered by the MLOA and supported by our members and their guests.

The fund provides grants to support projects or initiatives that produce, promote or preserve opportunities to fish and/or hunt sustainably or just enjoy the outdoor experiences in Manitoba, for visitors and Manitobans alike, as well as supporting our non-profit operations and lobbying efforts.

Paul Epp – Photographer

Saturday 2:00pm

Paul Epp at the Great Outdoors Expo

Paul Epp is a local adventurer from Winnipeg MB who has grown up exploring much of the Whitehsell and Nopiming Provincial Park areas. Having guided many backcountry canoe trips, he has a passion for introducing people to and sharing in the mystery and beauty of the wilderness.

Paul is an award-winning and published photographer, sharing photos and videos of his adventures on his Instagram account- @pauleppic.

Paul’s presentation will include sharing everything you need to know to prepare and plan your 1st wilderness adventure- including stories, photos and videos of backcountry trips involving wild weather, wildlife encounters (including safety considerations), and how to have the right mindset to unlock the adventures Manitoba has to offer!

Katie Jones – Katie’s Firearm Safety & Shooting Lessons

Saturday 3:00pm

Katie Jones at the Great Outdoors Expo

I’m Katie Jones, owner of Katie’s Firearm Safety & Shooting Lessons. I have been teaching for about 5 years, and have been competitively shooting Trap for the last 10. I run a mobile company that teaches CFSC, CFRSC, Hunters Ed, and shooting lessons, all over Manitoba. Most importantly we teach the basics first, BEFORE going straight to the action. If you don’t know and understand the basics, how will you be able to do anything safely with a firearm? I’ve been in the world of firearms for about 12years and have learned so much from fellow competition shooters to my backyard plinking friends. I want to pass on as much knowledge as i can to all my students, so they can be successful, in whatever they choose to do. “Let gun Safey, Be Your Target”

Dave MacDonald – ICSOS

Saturday 4:00pm

Dave MacDonald ICSOS at the Great Outdoors Expo

Dave was born in Southern Ontario and spent his childhood in the outdoors hunting, fishing, and exploring the Bay of Quinte. He joined Army Cadets at age 12 and never looked back, joining the Army Reserves (Toronto Scottish Regiment) at 19, and transferring into the Regular Forces a year later as a Weapons Technician to serve in CFB Valcartier for 6 years including a deployment as a UN Peacekeeper to Nicosia, Cyprus.

In 1993, he challenged himself in the Search and Rescue Technician (SARTech – similar to American Pararescue) Selection course and was accepted into one of the Canadian Forces elite trades. His first posting as a SARTech was CFB Trenton (424 Transport & Rescue Squadron). 6 years later he was posted to CFB Winnipeg (435 Transport, Air-to-Air Refueling, and Rescue Squadron).

Due to injuries sustained on the job, he was then assigned as the SARTech in attendance to the Canadian Forces School of Survival and Aeromedical Training (which operates out of Nopiming Provincial Park, Manitoba). There Dave served as a Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) Instructor for both Basic and Advanced Courses.

After 25 years of Military Service, Dave retired in 2010. Not knowing what to do, but remembering the sights seen and lessons learned, he created the International Canadian School of Survival (ICSOS) to pass on his experiences to a public largely ignorant of the knowledge contained within the military community.

Cohen Sieg – Singer/Songwriter

Saturday 5:00pm

Cohen Sieg is a local favorite and very well known in this area as one of the top musical talents in Manitoba. His live performance is impressive and we’re excited to have him play at the Great Outdoors Expo.

Wildlife Haven – Raptors N Reptiles

Sunday 11:00am

Wildlife Haven at the Great Outdoors Expo

“Want to learn more about wildlife? Our Wildlife Ambassadors attend presentations in schools and booths for an experience you or your students will never forget. Get nose-to-beak with one of our live, non-releasable wildlife ambassadors and discover the marvelous adaptations and natural history of these top airborne predators.

Each non-releasable Wildlife Ambassador has a story to tell about why they are not able to return to the wild and a lesson to teach about how we can peacefully coexist with wildlife. From owls, hawks and falcons, to reptiles and amphibians – our presentations give you a chance to meet them up close!”

Rock N Roll Fisherman Todd Longley

Sunday 12:00pm

Todd Longley at the Great Outdoors Expo

Learn basics about catching catfish from one of Manitoba’s top pro anglers!

Todd Longley AKA “The Rock N Roll Fisherman is the Owner/Operator of City Cats Guiding Service fishing for channel cats and walleye on the world-famous Red River since 1999.

Noel Linsey – Epic Rides MB

Sunday 1:00pm

Noel Linsey at the Great Outdoors Expo

Noel Linsey is an outdoors adventure seeker, be it through backcountry camping, or exploring Canada’s vast network of unknown roads by motorcycle.

Epic Rides is a brand-new video series and website dedicated to showcasing Motorcycle and Road tripping Routes throughout Manitoba. Epic Rides will take you on an amazing journey through some of the most scenic parts of Manitoba, highlighting the routes, the people, the businesses, and the landmarks of this great Province. Pack your bags, start your engines, and explore all Manitoba has to offer!

Lesley Gaudry – Nature’s Edge Tourism

Sunday 2:00pm

Lesley Gaudry at the Great Outdoors Expo

Stand Up Paddleboarding is the perfect antidote for when you feel confined. Feeling like you want to get out of the house? Need a digital detox? Looking for something to improve your wellbeing? Need an outlet? Want something FUN to do with the kids? Nature’s Edge Tourism will show you all the benefits of getting UP and ON the water, and what you need to get started. Stand Up Paddleboarding is the fastest growing water activity around. Let Nature’s Edge Tourism help you find your ‘flow’ to explore Manitoba’s beautiful waterways.

The Janzen Boys

Sunday 3:00pm

We’re excited to have this family trio back playing in Lac du Bonnet! They’ve been a favorite at the Fire & Water Music Festival and it’s hard to find a better closer for the Expo than The Janzen Boys!