Disconnect to Reconnect at Moon Gate Guest House

There’s no place like Moon Gate Guest House! Take a break from distractions, from stress and from daily life to immerse yourself in this secluded, charming guest house where rejuvenation and reconnection is its heart and soul.

Moon Gate offers a soul-nurturing space on the banks of the meandering Whitemouth River. It’s an Indigenous (Métis) owned, eco-friendly, year-round guest house that provides you with a place to grow, heal, reconnect with yourself and loved ones, be inspired, experience timelessness, and connect with the magic of nature. A sanctuary from technology and cell phones, Moon Gate, is where you go to disconnect from your busy world to connect with nature and to what really matters.

Moon Gate Guest House
Moon Gate Guest House

Rejuvenate At Moon Gate Guest House

Moon Gate is more than just a place to sleep; it’s the doorway to tranquillity and adventure! The Guest House provides you with the seclusion that everybody needs to reset their minds. Situated along the bank of the Whitemouth River, you can even bring your paddling equipment to enjoy a soothing adventure down the river. And, with the area thriving with nature, merely sitting in the gazebo or around a crackling fire can melt your stress and worry away.

The 90-degree Finnish-style sauna is another popular way of relaxing. Let the steam (known as löyly to the Finns, translates to ‘spirit, breath, and soul’) work its magic as you enjoy the peaceful quiet. After, you will have the blissful feeling of a cleansed body and mind.

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