Little Wood Chipper – A Different Kind of Fire Starter

Sometimes, starting a fire is as easy as pie and other times . . . it can be a headache and a half. But with Little Wood Chipper’s pinecone firestarters, you can have that fire blazing in no time! Little Wood Chipper is a locally owned and operated business out of Grande Pointe run by Vicki Plaisier. All firestarters are 100% natural, recyclable and biodegradable and make starting a fire quick and easy. In addition to being locally owned and operated, Vicki supports Canadian entrepreneurs and other local makers.

The Floral Designs is a natural creation of beautiful, handmade, one-of-a-kind, cone-shaped firestarters. People even comment that it is far too beautiful to burn and end up sitting on the mantle for long periods before being used. The raw products come from Clear Lake, Lake Winnipeg, Brandon Hills, Neepawa/Minnedosa and Grande Pointe. All are handpicked, handmade and make a perfect gift for those who are challenging to buy for! There had to be an easier way to light and keep the fire going, and with the Pinecone Firestarter, it was made possible! The fire starters are made of 100% natural, renewable products natural soy wax and burns continually for 20- 30 minutes allowing the wood to always catch fire properly.

Little Wood Chipper
Little Wood Chipper

How The Little Wood Chipper Started

The idea to make firestarters came when Vicki had difficulty starting a fire in the fireplace at the cabin and figured there had to be an easier, all-natural method. After researching alternatives, she started her journey. Her friends and family tested the products and provided feedback, which has resulted in the excellent products Little Wood Chipper sells today.

Nicki walks for hours, picking plants from bushes, ditches, and shorelines, then hanging them to dry. Many of the firestarters include Manitoba wheat sheaths proudly grown on the family farm, now run by Nicki’s brother and sister-in-law. Friends and family pick pinecones when they come across them and bring them to her to add to the firestarters as well. If you are looking for a reliable fire starter, you can’t miss out on Little Wood Chipper’s fantastic products!

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