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The Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association understands that the sustainability of wildlife and fisheries resources enhances the quality of life in our region. Their members and organization are dedicated to preserving, enhancing, and future sustainability of wildlife and fisheries habitats.

Since 2009, LDBWA has been active in the community creating the Wildlife Ponds and trails, education programs, research with the University of Manitoba, funding bursaries for students pursuing careers in Resource Management, developing the Outdoor Education Centre – and advocating on behalf of hunting & angling enthusiasts, and sustainability issues.

Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association
Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association

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The LdB Wildlife Ponds are stocked with rainbow, tiger, and brown trout, it is almost impossible not to catch a fish from one of the shoreside fishing locations or your ice shack. The Wildlife Association encourages ‘Catch and Release’ to ensure a high-quality angling experience for everyone, but if you’d like to snag one for dinner, rainbow trout may be taken. The calm waters and beautiful scenery also make the ponds a gorgeous, safe destination for canoeing, kayaking or pedal boating too!

If you prefer enjoying nature on foot, then head off down the 1.2km interpretive walking trail. The ponds provide important habitats for a variety of waterfowl, including migrating ducks and geese, as well as common loons, which you can find all summer. The habitat surrounding the trail also includes many impressive flowering plants. Strawberries, raspberries, chokecherries and saskatoons provide a food source for the wildlife living in this area and are a tasty treat from the human visitors too!

Currently, LDBWA is working on developing an Outdoor Education Centre right here in LdB! The proposed Outdoor Education Center (OEC) will be a unique venue designed to give outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to experience hands-on involvement in programs that introduce them to the outdoors and outdoor skills. If you want to learn more about LDBWA’s endeavours, then meeting them at the Great Outdoors Expo is a perfect way!

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