Refresh & Connect at Hidden Valley Haven

Hidden Valley Haven offers visitors a place to set their worries aside and let nature heal the soul with the guidance of your instructor and host Jordana G, a certified mentor and animal-assisted learning facilitator. With the Haven’s retreats, programs and Jordana’s spunk and uplifting presence, you get an experience that opens you to self-discovery and reconnection. The Haven offers many programs with a strong focus on connecting with families, women, and healthcare workers.

Even simply being on their beautiful, relaxing cottage property, located on their family farm, is a space where your mind can wander among the trees, animals (such as horses and goats), wildlife and the Roseau River, offering a nourishing atmosphere of tranquillity.

Hidden Valley Haven
Hidden Valley Haven

The Experiences

The Haven’s Women’s Wellness Rides is the perfect fit for women who love being outdoors and love horses! Get your senses rolling with the smell of fresh air, horses and the stable. Spend time connecting and communicating with your horse, catching them, brushing them, tacking up, being present with them and allowing their heart to touch and warm your soul. You are also invited to connect with other like-minded women and create long-lasting friendships along the trails!

Their newest experience is Down N’ Dirty – It’s a Family Thing. This family-centred experience will bring some wholesome family fun down on the farm where you can breathe in the fresh air as you enjoy the perfect setting to unplug, spend time outdoors, explore the riverbank, participate in activities, cuddle with the animals, get your hands in the dirt, and prepare a meal together in a way that will have your family talking about it for years to come! This experience includes a two-night stay and snacks and dinner on the experience day.

The Haven is currently developing the Light in Me program, which focuses on giving frontline healthcare professionals a much-needed space to rest, be in nature, rejuvenate and reconnect themselves. Check out their website to learn about the program and find out how you can support this program for the people who heroically served our communities during our trying times.

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