This is Going to be Epic!

Life is an adventure . . . and also a highway (At least according to the pride of Lynn Lake – Tom Cochrane). For Epic Rides Host/Producer Noel Linsey there’s an overwhelming truth to that statement. From living in the mountains as a ski rat to nearly a decade spent on the road playing in bands and chasing new experiences, there has always been a restless traveller at play.

As a writer, Noel has been published countless times in numerous outdoors specialty magazines, as well as continues to write about outdoors adventure on his personal webpage – The New Tradition Outdoors. With over a decade of professional photography experience, Noel has captured the wilds of Manitoba and amazing new tourism experiences that are sure to make even the most reluctant traveller want to pack a bag and hit the road. Noel’s videography work has been featured heavily on national television and countless digital media outlets. With a sharp eye for lush colours, wide-open places and the ability to capture the whole story, Noel is excited to share with you the backroads and hidden highways of Manitoba through Epic Rides.

Epic Rides
Epic Rides

Epic Rides takes the Scenic Route

Armed with a lifetime of exploring North America, sharp storytelling skills and a thirst for adventure, Noel is excited to share his passion for the people, places and landmarks that make Manitoba so special.

Epic Rides is a brand-new video series and website dedicated to showcasing Motorcycle and Road Tripping Routes throughout Manitoba. Epic Rides will take you on an amazing journey through some of the most scenic parts of Manitoba, highlighting the routes, the people, the businesses, and the landmarks of this great Province. The routes are carefully curated and will appeal to the seasoned road tripper and new trippers alike. Pack your bags, start your engines, and explore all Manitoba has to offer!

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