Fueled by the Passion to Ride

Eastman ATV’s goal is to promote safe, responsible, family-oriented ATV riding and ensure the conservation of our wilderness areas for continued use by those who come after us. They serve in the interest of ATV owners and to perform all desirable and lawful functions for the successful operation of the club. And most importantly, they promote community among the owners of ATVs and gain access to trails for the enjoyment of ATV riding.

They also built and continue to maintain the Eastman ATV Trail too! The Trail is located in the beautiful Sandilands Provincial Forest. The trailhead is located only thirty minutes east of Winnipeg on the Trans-Canada Highway.  The trail is 68 kilometres in length and hooks up to the Little Big Foot trail on the south end of the trail. The Little Big Foot trail will continue onto Woodridge. Be sure to pack a lunch and make a family day of fun on the trail! There is fuel available in Woodridge, along with camping and lodging.

Eastman ATV
Eastman ATV

The Possibilities are Endless!

Eastman ATV Association was organized in February 2000 by a small group of volunteers from the communities. The main objective of the club back then is the same as today. To instill safe operation and responsible riding of an ATV. In the first year of operation, the club had a membership of 27.

Since that time, Eastman ATV has grown quite immensely! From a larger membership of like-minded people who love the thrill of the ride, maintaining the ATV Trail, and even hosting the second largest ATV event in Western Canada with their ATV Ride for Mom, Eastman ATV offers all of Manitoba fantastic opportunities to immerse themselves in the activity they love – ATVing!

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