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Country Classics is a family-owned and operated business in Seven Sisters Falls. When starting the business, they knew what it took to succeed; they had to be different and offer one-of-a-kind products. And with that, their approach of handcrafting the highest quality furniture they could was born! While their line of products is short, the quality, care, and workmanship that goes into each item is truly and uniquely beautiful and is sure to add that finishing touch to your home!

Though designed for outdoor use, Country Classics, as well as many of their customers, have found a place for their beautiful cedar furniture in their homes. The rectangular table and chairs are a perfect fit for a kitchen or a rec room setting, and many find that the furniture adds a particularly nice finish to a sunroom, veranda or gazebo.

Country Classics

But Wait! There’s More!

You can also discover gorgeous and comfortable plastic furniture, accessories and fire tables here too! With the plastic products, you can enjoy comfort while still being environmentally conscious with the recycling process. They use a circular economy where used plastics can be transformed into beautiful recycled outdoor furniture, ensuring that post-consumer plastics are recycled, reused and repurposed into sustainable products.

The fire tables/fire bowls are simply stunning and will add a cozy, finishing touch to your outdoor gathering space! With many designs, colours and materials available and each product being created with care, talent and the highest of quality, you’re sure to find the fire table of your dreams!

So, don’t be shy! Come and visit Country Classics at the Great Outdoors Expo to learn more about their fantastic products and to start planning your next buy for beautifully built furniture to add to your outdoor gathering space!

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