Clearly InSight Delivers Security Solutions, Not Just Products!

Founded in January 2011, Clearly InSight provides innovative, value-added Security Technologies to commercial, government, school clientele, and retail establishments. They offer a high degree of personalized service before, during, and post-installation. Security and peace of mind for you and your property is their priority.

Located centrally in Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Clearly InSight seeks clients who appreciate high-quality products that deliver long-lasting value. Whether it’s a single security camera or a complete security camera system, installing a Smart surveillance system provides high-definition video, analytics, and activity sensor. Clearly InSight has solutions for every surveillance situation from new construction to retrofits. These systems are actively protecting whole school divisions, farms, Personal Care Homes, hospitals, condos and apartments, industrial and commercial buildings, municipalities, and towns.

Clearly InSight
Clearly InSight

The Process

The Clearly InSight team works to deliver the highest quality products at the greatest value to provide you with a high degree of safety. Years ago, they made the determination to provide “better” and “best” products as they have found that “good” is rarely good enough. They also proudly supply products manufactured in Canada and Germany.

With a six-step approach to ensure customers’ requirements are met, you can rely on that Clearly InSight will go above and beyond to meet your needs and then some! The steps are: Needs Analysis which includes a discussion with management/ administration/ security personnel to discover the security needs; Site Evaluation a walkthrough of the site(s) detailing criteria from the needs analysis; System Design the actual layout of a system including all cabling and products required; Cost Estimates estimating the cost of products, installation, commissioning and training; Installation Commissioning the physical install of cabling, cameras and peripheral devices of the security system. Set up and training included; and Maintenance Contracts which can be arranged based on need/number of devices and requirements.

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