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Borealis Beading is a place to learn and appreciate the art of 2-Needle Beading, Finger Weaving, and Quilting while diving into the cultural and historical significance of the Métis people, “The Flower Beadwork People,” and their practices. Whether you’re participating through Zoom or travelling to Ste. Genevieve for an in-person lesson, this experience promises a journey of these unique pieces and unleashes your artistic side while gaining a deeper understanding of the Métis people.

Owned and operated by Melanie Gamache, a Manitoba Métis beadwork artisan who started beading in 2015. Melanie has always been a creative individual, but her talent for beadwork has developed along with her passion for sharing the Métis culture and history relating to beadwork. Borealis Beading has grown from creating her very own beadwork pieces to organizing workshops, hosting Métis cultural learning experiences, selling her gorgeous artworks, and carrying basic beading supplies required to start you on your new beading journey.

Borealis Beading
Borealis Beading

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You can learn and enjoy this art through virtual experiences or by an in-person experiences. For Virtual Experiences and the help of Zoom, you can start your journey with their Introduction to 2-Needle Beading, move up to Traditional Métis Tobacco/Fire Bag, and advance to the Traditional Leather Medicine Bag.

Or, for those wanting an in-person experience, Borealis Beading offers memorable, personal workshops that are hard to forget, and you’ll find yourself talking about it for years! All experiences are delivered in a style reflective of the traditional beading circle format where friends and family would meet to share stories and talk about their day while passing on the traditional art of beadwork. Borealis Beading hopes you leave with a renewed appreciation for beading, finger weaving, quilting, and the Métis culture.

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