ATVMB Supporting the Great Ride!

Exploring nature through trails while enjoying a heart-pounding, thrilling ride sounds like the perfect adventure. ATVing is one of the most popular activities in Eastern Manitoba. And with the hard work and help of the All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba (ATVMB), people have enjoyed this incredible activity for years in a safe, sustainable, and environmentally conscious way while still being able to enjoy this exciting Manitoban favourite pastime.

So, what is the ATVMB? The organization was formed in 2009 when realizing the strong need for an official organization representing the interests of ATV enthusiasts. Their primary goal today is the same as it was years ago – being recognized as the official liaison between the Manitoba Government and ATV users in Manitoba, a goal that has most definitely been achieved.


Working Together

With the support and guidance from ATVMB, ATV Clubs have formed and grown across Manitoba while continuously being a liaison for the Manitoba Government and ATVers by sharing ATV enthusiasts’ voices. ATVMB suggests that the best way for you, the ATV enthusiast, to get involved, show support, and have a stronger voice for the sport you love is by joining local ATV Clubs. The advantages to joining a club or even just having one in your area are:

Creating a larger footprint in the province, offering more choice to Manitobans; ease of communications with ATVMB (and therefore, the Manitoba Government) with regards to issues and concerns regarding ATV use in your area; ability to provide education and information about the sport to residents in your area; connecting with like-minded individuals who share a common interest, and helping to support the sport on an ongoing basis to ensure your interests and concerns are represented fairly with the Manitoba Government.

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